2019 Sampling Schedule

DateDownstream SamplersUpstream Samplers
May 11thJH+ BHDO + PO
June 15thKK + WFJM + JM
July 13thACHF + JF
August 10thMO + KOJD
Sept. 14thJO + JOMK + CL
Oct. 12thJB + FACE and JP
In the table we used initials for privacy.

Seven to ten days prior to the sampling date, we’ll start organizing the equipment drop off. Details vary slightly between downstream and upstream, but in both cases everyone involved will get connected on an email thread, and we’ll work out the details of a convenient time/place for the gear to be dropped off.

Last year we changed the routine so that the upstream and downstream teams meet at 11 am at the Elizaville Diner, and then upstream hands off their gear and samples to downstream, for delivery to Bard Water Lab. This has worked well, so we are continuing this year. Also new last year was dippers, to make it easier to sample from shore without waders, and buckets (upstream only) to sample from bridges. On the day of sampling, you will need to get ice for the supplied cooler.

The sampling kit includes a sampling book (downstream book; upstream book), which contains detailed instructions, a form to place your observations, plus maps and information about each sampling location. It would be good to get familiar with that book prior to the sampling day. Also before you go, look at the online sampling map, which lets you zoom into each sampling location, to help you see how you would drive there.