Roe Jan Sub Watersheds

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The Roe Jan Watershed
The Roe Jan Watershed. Colored areas show the main sub-watersheds. The dark yellow area is drained by smaller streams.
Klein Kill Sub Watershed

 Klein Kill Sub Watershed

Doove Kill Sub Watershed

Academy Hill Brook Sub Watershed

Fall Kill Sub Watershed

Shekomeko Sub Watershed

Punch Brook Sub Watershed

Bash Bish Sub Watershed

Noster Kill Sub Watershed
The Noster Kill Sub Watershed is a part of the encompassing Bash Bish Sub Watershed, because the Noster Kill drains into the Bash Bish just above where the Bash Bish drains into the Roe Jan.
Watershed Data
NameDrainage Area
(sq. miles)
Forest Cover
Area of Lakes and Ponds
Roeliff Jansen Kill23057.765.8%3.47%
Klein Kill 14.211.843.7%2.31%
Doove Kill12.510.271.2%12.5%
Academy Hill Brook5.675.0686.9%1.61%
Fall Kill4.985.9294.9%2.49%
Punch Brook1610.656.7%6.42%
Bash Bish3213.976.3%5.04%
Noster Kill (part of Bash Bish)127.3169.5%3.6%