Support the RJWC

In 2018 we sampled at 14 sites from May through October, as part of Riverkeeper’s Water Quality Program. Our volunteers are doing important citizen science to increase our understanding of the Roe Jan, it’s watershed, the Hudson River, and the entire Hudson Valley. The work of the Roe Jan Watershed Community moves us forward, but it can’t be done without your help.

  • Give just $10 to pay for a single sample. That helps, really, it does.
  • Give $30 to sponsor “half a site”. Yeah, we don’t really know what “half a site” means, except that $30 is a pretty reasonable sum to make a difference for the Roe Jan.
  • Or go all out, sponsor a site for $60. This pays our water lab costs for all six samples collected at a site over a six month sampling period.

The Donate button takes you to PayPal, where they try to make it quick and easy.

If you prefer to send a check, make it out to the “Roe Jan Watershed Community” and send it to “RJWC, 64 Main St., Germantown, NY 12526”

The Roe Jan Watershed Community is incorporated as a New York State not-for-profit, but is not a 501(C)(3) and donations are not tax deductible.