2019 Fall Meeting Notice

The Roe Jan Watershed Community Fall Meeting will be Sunday, Oct 20th at 10:30am at the Suarez Family Brewery (2278 U.S. 9, 12534). Suarez will open to the public immediately after our meeting at noon, so you can stay for a craft brew and conversation. We have a special speaker, guests, and a movie by local filmmaker Jon Bowermaster, ‘A Living River’. And of course info on the recent year’s results, and more. Please come, and stay for a round at Suarez after our meeting.

As in the previous 3 years, the 2019 Roe Jan results feature low Entero concentration, compared to most other Hudson tribs. For all the Hudson valley data collected by Riverkeeper and its partners (such as the RJWC), goto the Water Quality Program area of their site. Or you can go directly to the Roe Jan data on Riverkeeper’s site. Our data is also being displayed on the Bard College Water Lab’s Roe Jan site. The advantage of the Riverkeeper site is you can see data for the entire Hudson valley, which includes the Hudson, the Mohawk, and all the tributaries, but the only parameter is Entero concentration. On the Bard Waterlab site you can see all the data we collect on the Roe Jan: Entero concentration, temperature, turbidity, and conductance.