2017 Sampling Schedule

DateUpstream SamplersDownstream Samplers
May 13thGL+PLWF+JM+Student Samplers
June 10thGSJH+FP
July 8thMKTT+ST
August 12thSE+TLKL & MG
Sept. 9thAP+MPKO+MO
Oct. 14thCEJO+JO
In the table I used initials for privacy.

An important part of the process is to ferry the sampling materials (bottles, gloves, meter, guidebook) from Bard to the people doing the sampling. This takes place during the week prior to sampling, and is arranged as optimally as possible to fit people’s schedules.

  • Upstream – handled by Gretchen
  • Downstream – handled by Wendy in May, August and Sept; handled by Josh in June, July, and October