2018 Sampling Schedule

DateDownstream SamplersUpstream Samplers
May 12thJH and KKMK and DF
June 9thJO + JODO + PO
July 14thKO + MOFR + ER
August 11thJM and JDPL + GL
Sept. 15thAC and JBCL and JM
Oct. 13thTentative: WF and StudentsCE and JP
In the table we used initials for privacy.

Seven to ten days prior to the sampling date, we’ll start organizing the equipment drop off. Details vary slightly between downstream and upstream, but in both cases everyone involved will get connected on an email thread, and we’ll work out the details of a convenient time/place for the gear to be dropped off.

On the day of sampling, you will need to supply a cooler with ice. Either a hard frame cooler or a styrofoam (limited reuse) is ok, but if styrofoam, you’ll need to line it with a heavy black garbage bag, to prevent light leakage. The two people sampling will need to work out who supplies the cooler, and also who drives.

The sampling kit includes a sampling book, which contains details of the actual sampling, plus maps and information about each sampling location. It would be good to get familiar with that info prior to the sampling day.